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The Liberty Consulting Group reputation is based on the professional integrity and objectivity of our senior consultants.  Our people know the issues that face your company.  Liberty attracts only the most capable, accomplished professionals in the business.  Most of our consultants have advanced degrees and have served as utility executives, managers, regulators, or consultants.  Our unmatched credentials have made Liberty the leader in the profession.

Liberty has a team thatís second to none.  Because of our extensive experience and background, we are able to assemble project teams that fit the needs of each engagement.

John Antonuk

Robert Stright

Charles H. King

Lawrence N. Koppelman

Randall E. Vickroy

Donald T. Spangenberg, Jr.

John B. Adger, Jr.

Alan J. Salzberg, Ph.D.

Christine C. Kozlosky

Dennis Kalbarczyk

Mark Lautenschlager

Phillip S. Teumim

Yavuz Arik

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