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Yavuz Arik

Yavuz Arik has over thirteen years of experience in the area of computer technology, including quantitative modeling, energy economics, load research and information systems.  Yavuz brings to Liberty’s clients a strong background in:

  • Natural gas resource optimization modeling

  • natural gas demand forecasting

  • Natural gas load research

Yavuz holds an MA in Economics from Georgetown University, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University in Turkey.

Project Highlights

Yavuz has served as lead consultant on a number of Liberty’s projects where his focus has been in the areas of natural gas planning, resource optimization modeling and demand forecasting.

Yavuz has developed ROGM, a gas supply optimization and simulation tool for integrated least cost planning, demand-side management program evaluation, rate cases, marginal cost analysis, strategic resource planning, cost-of-service studies and unbundling studies. ROGM calculates tradeoffs between reserve requirements, cost of gas supply, and resource acquisition and utilization for gas distribution companies and independent power producers by formulating the optimal usage mix of current resources. Several studies based on ROGM have been filed with Public Service Commissions.

Yavuz has also developed a comprehensive gas and electric demand-forecasting model for an energy services company. The system uses load research data for customer groups along with weather data and monthly historical demand data to develop Monte Carlo simulations of system demand and demand variability by weather and other factors. This model can be used in tandem with ROGM to develop short-term and long-term supply planning and portfolio analysis.

Yavuz has managed a number of demand forecast studies for gas and electric utilities. In conjunction, he developed both econometric forecasting models and end-use models for these analyses.

Yavuz has recently conducted economic studies for a number of natural gas utilities.  These studies include demand forecasting and gas supply planning, restructuring, market power assessment, asset valuation, merger competitiveness analysis, and evaluation of balancing requirements.



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