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Mark Lautenschlager is Liberty’s lead electric consultant in the operations audit of Northwestern Energy–Montana. He led the review of substations and assisted in several others, focusing on maintenance and construction, in Liberty’s investigation of Commonwealth Edison for the Illinois Commerce Commission. He was also Liberty’s project manager for the assessment of standards and practices of Alabama Power and Georgia Power. He is now serving as Liberty’s project manager for the recommendation implementation project at Commonwealth Edison. He was employed by I&M Electric, an AEP company, as substation maintenance and relay engineer and Harza Engineering as substation engineer in Iran. He was also owner and Senior Vice-President Engineering and Operations of High Voltage Maintenance Corporation.

Mr. Lautenschlager brings to Liberty particularly strong capabilities in: 

  • Electrical testing and maintenance
  • Substation design and construction
  • Forensic investigations of failed equipment
  • Safety and technical training of electrical testing and maintenance technicians

In 1999, Mr. Lautenschlager formed a company specializing in training of electrical maintenance technicians and engineers, developing RCM-based substation maintenance programs, and performing forensic investigations of electrical equipment failures. Mr. Lautenschlager is a registered professional engineer in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and holds a BSEE degree. He is a past president of the International Electrical Testing Association, and is active in developing ANSI electrical equipment maintenance specifications.

Project Highlights

Lead consultant for substations, maintenance, and construction for Liberty’s investigation of the reliability of Commonwealth Edison’s transmission and distribution systems for the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Lead consultant on Liberty’s examination of T&D reliability for the Georgia and Alabama electric utility operating companies of Southern Company.

President, ERC International, Inc.

  • Trained electrical test technicians.

  • Performed forensic investigations for equipment owners, contractors, and insurance companies.

  • Witnessed factory tests of new large power transformers.

  • Provided PCB Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures plans.

  • Assisted electrical testing companies resolve technical issues.

Senior Vice President, High Voltage Maintenance Corporation

  • Managed all training, quality control systems, and compliance procedures.

  • Verified technical and manpower performance.

  • Maintained state-of-art technical service for HVM customers.

  • Consulted with equipment owners to design testing and maintenance programs.

  • Performed electrical studies.

  • Trained personnel.

  • Managed large substation commissioning and maintenance projects nationally and internationally.

Substation Engineer, Harza Engineering Company

  • Worked on four large 400/230kV substation projects in Iran.

  • Prepared final designs and electrical studies.

  • Supervised overall construction of substations.

  • Supervised commissioning of substations.

Senior Relay Engineer, Indiana and Michigan Electric Company (AEP)

  • Performed relay studies.

  • Supervised relay engineers and technicians.

  • Tested and calibrated relays.

Substation Maintenance Engineer, Indiana and Michigan Electric Company

  • Managed substation inspection, testing, maintenance, commissioning, and reinforcement programs.

  • Supervised substation maintenance and testing personnel.

  • Analyzed test data.

Northern Indiana Public Service Company

  • Assistant distribution engineer

  • Line construction crew.


BSEE, 1969, Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana


Registered Professional Engineer - Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania


•           IEEE

•           International Electrical Testing Association (NETA), President - 1998-99


·                    Technical articles for NETA World magazine.

·                    Articles in Electrical World, EC&M, and Pulp & Paper magazines.

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