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Phillip S. Teumim operates a successful utility consulting practice, following a 30-year career as a utility commission senior manager and as a consultant.  He works regularly for Liberty on a variety of energy and water utility industry projects.  Phil served for 10 years as a director at the New York Public Service Commission in the electric, gas and water areas.  He has undertaken many consulting engagements in these industries as well. Phil brings to Liberty substantial experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Planning Management and operations auditing

  • Organization and Governance

  • Rates, valuation, and regulatory affairs

  • Energy supply

  • Customer service

Phil holds both a Bachelor of Science degree (Electrical Engineering) and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Project Highlights

As a director at the New York Public Service Commission Phil’s responsibilities encompassed technical and administrative direction of as many as 150 employees, primarily engineers and analysts, with an annual budget of approximately $10 million.  He has served as the senior policy and technical advisor to the Commission on electric, gas and water matters.

Phil led the organization and corporate governance elements of Liberty’s audit of NUI, a multi-state holding company, with subsidiaries including gas LDCs, various energy companies, and various other ventures, for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Phil is the project manager for Liberty’s engagement for the Connecticut DPUC to examine and provide staff support regarding a major water utility’s rate increase filing. Phil also served as a task area leader in Liberty’s Management/Performance audits of Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio and Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and for a reliability audit of a Midwestern combination utility. 

Phil has been a frequent speaker on energy, water, and regulatory matters before utility groups, industry organizations, trade associations, and NARUC conferences and committees.  Phil has served as a guest instructor at various NARUC, trade, and industry conferences, and has testified on numerous occasions before state commissions, the FERC, and state legislative committees.

At the New York Commission, Phil led a series of 15 roundtables with gas industry stakeholders to develop pro-competitive policies, which resulted in the Commission’s adoption of a vision and supporting policies for the natural gas industry in New York. During his tenure as director, he served as the lead negotiator of several multi-year rate and competitive issues settlements with major New York LDCs and of the divestiture of generation and restructuring of a midsize combination utility.  He also led the development and implementation a Commission policy statement on gas purchasing practices and risk management.

Before his work with Liberty, Phil served as the project manager for a number of engagements, including a study of the gas supply, integrated resource planning, and affiliate relationships for a large, vertically integrated LDC in the Southwest, a management audit of a mid-Atlantic LDC, and a management audit of a large public power authority in the Northeast.

Phil has also performed substantial work in the water industry, including policy development and implementation, supply planning, revenue requirement and ratemaking, acquisition of financing, water quality issues, mergers and acquisitions, coordination with other jurisdictions infrastructure security for some 400 regulated water companies and systems of various sizes. Earlier, he worked in telecommunications regulation, in the areas of revenue requirement and ratemaking, affiliate interests, and mergers and acquisitions, and in utility customer service policy development and implementation.

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