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The Liberty Consulting Group provides general management, planning, operational, financial, restructuring, regulatory, and policy consulting services in the energy and telecommunications industries. Our success has come from our ability to earn, sustain, and enhance a reputation for the knowledge, candor, integrity, and objectivityit takes to serve both public utility commissions and the companies they regulate. Few firms can match our ability to maintain credibility with all stakeholders on the often novel and controversial issues that the utility industry faces. We help our clients to address the challenges of changing and uncertain economic, business, technical, and regulatory environments.

Long-term success in consulting requires a strong staff. The hallmark of Liberty’s people is their experience. The senior consultants who carry out each of our engagements have built a strong reputation in the electric power, natural gas, telecommunications, and water sectors of the industry. We bring our clients the seasoned insights and perspectives needed to craft solutions that balance the practicable and the creative, while remaining flexible enough to survive uncertainty. We value the need for growth and change, but remain committed to the principle that they take the soundest root when nourished (even when novel) by a sound knowledge of tested experience.

Liberty prides itself on working with its clients, as much as it works for them. We have helped clients all across the country to address the challenges of an industry that has become as dynamic as it once was stable, and even staid. Let our people become an asset to your business. Like all of our growing number of clients, you will find them:

Responsive - We listen to our clients and maximize our capability to help you by combining their strengths with our expertise and objectivity; we never forget that the value of client knowledge and needs that only its people can bring.

Results-oriented - We create firm client expectations, work diligently to meet them, and remain flexible in adjusting to changing priorities.

Knowledgeable - Senior, experienced consultants perform the work we undertake. They bring a range of executive and management, regulatory, and academic experience to every job we do.

Dependable - We deliver on time, cost-effective services that stand up to public scrutiny.

At Liberty

We know the issues facing today’s public utility commissions and the companies they regulate.

We provide premier consulting services to help clients meet the challenges that constant, multi-directional change have posed.

We understand the technical, operating, regulatory, financial, and policy issues the industry faces and are here to help our clients – both industry and regulatory alike.

We offer expertise that has proven to be dependable, objective, and candid for a wide range of clients who deal with complex management and operations issues under evolving rules and expectations.

Liberty  is one of the very few firms equally competent and knowledgeable in both the energy and telecommunications industries.   

We have served utility regulatory agencies in nearly all of the United States as well as electric utilities and gas distribution companies. 

From the smallest to the nation’s largest, we have successfully assisted investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, and public-power authorities. 

Our dozens of significant engagements involving telecommunications companies have helped state public utility commissions implement the requirements of the Telecommunication Act of 1996.

Whether technical, operating, regulatory, financial, or litigation issues, our expertise has proven to be dependable, objective, and candid.


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