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Larry Koppelman is Liberty’s lead consultant in economic matters. He is also the firm’s most experienced management auditor, having begun to perform audit engagements for public-service commissions 20 years ago. He also has significant experience in reviewing operations efficiency and effectiveness for utilities. His extensive consulting experience includes particular emphasis on management and operations and affiliate relationships, regulatory policy, rate and economic analysis, the provision of centralized services, field operations, human resources and manpower planning, and business and organization planning and practices. He also has worked many times for clients in these functions:

  • Customer services

  • Workforce management and planning

  • Compensation
  • Labor relations
  • Support services
  • Information technology
  • Planning and budgeting

Larry holds a master of science degree in management from The Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a bachelor and a master of arts degree in natural-resource economics from The Johns Hopkins University

Project Highlights

Larry has served in lead or management roles in a wide range of audit engagements for 13 regulatory commissions, involving 19 electric utilities and 6 gas utilities. His roles have included reviews of planning and budgeting, workforce management, human resources, fuel procurement, executive compensation, mergers, service and holding company support for utility operations, and affiliate relations and transactions.

Larry served in a managing role on four management and operations audits of natural-gas distribution utilities for Liberty, serving the public-service commissions of Connecticut and Arkansas. He served as project manager on many of them.

Larry also has broad experience in conducting commission-sponsored audit engagements of local-exchange providers. He has served in a lead role on Liberty’s audits of Verizon (or predecessor) operations in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, the District of Columbia, New Hampshire, and Kentucky.

Larry managed Liberty’s off-shore re-engineering project for an electricity system in Central America and he performed cost and best-practices benchmarking in Liberty’s work for an Ohio electricity and gas supplier and a major southern electricity generation and transmission cooperative. He also performed cost-reduction studies in energy procurement, transmission and distribution, and human resources for an electric-utility holding company and a natural-gas utility.

Larry examined a variety of ratemaking and economic aspects of telecommunications diversification by a New England electricity supplier. He also managed a Liberty engagement designed to assist a client in assessing its competitive strengths and weaknesses in competing in utility energy-supply markets.

He also served in management or lead-consultant roles in two projects for a public-service commission in monitoring an electric utility’s divestiture of its nuclear and fossil-fueled power plants, two projects for commissions that considered the mergers of electric utilities, a study of a telephone company’s achievement of projected merger savings, and an evaluation of an electric utility’s decision to build a new power plant.

A substantial amount of Larry’s work has been in the area of assessing the propriety of the relationships between utilities and their non-regulated affiliates. He has had leadership roles in assignments in this field on electric, natural-gas, and telephone utilities, including Verizon companies four times and five electric utilities.

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