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John B. Adger, Libertyís lead consultant in natural gas matters, has worked for Liberty for 12 of his more than 30 years as a gas-industry professional. He has performed management studies for public utility commissions, and strategic engagements for a number of oil and natural gas market participants, including producers, storage owners, LNG producers, pipeline companies, distribution companies, competitive suppliers and financial institutions. John has substantial expertise in U.S. and Canadian gas industry regulation, and has performed work involving other parts of the world as well. His particular areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic analysis and business planning
  • Gas supply strategy
  • Gas marketing strategy
  • Gas distribution management and operations
  • Rates and revenue requirements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Affiliate relationships and transactions
  • Trading operations

John holds a Master of Science degree, cum laude, in geology and geophysics from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also received  Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT, cum laude, in earth sciences and chemical physics.

Project Highlights
John has served many years as an expert extension of the Staff of the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC).  He has assisted in a wide range of system planning and expansion, LNG production, storage capacity, technical, management, operating, affiliate relations, and base rate, gas-cost, incentive rate, and merger approval issues involving all of the stateís natural gas distribution companies.

John has performed evaluations of the gas supply function at 14 gas LDCs for public service commissions.  He has also performed a number of gas-supply assignments for private companies, both utility companies and companies in other segments of the natural gas industry.

Johnís work has been instrumental in evaluating inter-relationships among non-utility affiliates and utility operations, assets, and opportunities. In the New Jersey work particularly, Johnís work proved instrumental in discovering a trading affiliateís misuse of utility assets and opportunities. In two other assignments, Johnís work in affiliate transactions identified mechanisms through which a gas distribution companyís connections with affiliates in the trading or supply business produced lucrative opportunities for those affiliates at utility expense.

John has also examined a variety of management and operations issues at gas distribution companies. For example, he has reviewed distribution operations and expenditures, staffing levels, and the division of functions and personnel between a gas distribution utility and its producing affiliates for a public service commission.

John has also undertaken a number of strategic consulting assignments. He has assisted a major gas distribution utility operating in 12 states to unbundle supply and delivery. He has assisted energy suppliers in evaluating competitiveness. He has worked with several companies to identify potential acquisition candidates, assisted a storage asset owner in marketing properties it sought to sell, and analyzed the economic viability of gas-fired cogeneration projects for investors and lenders.


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