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Christine Kozlosky of the Ascent Group has worked frequently with Liberty in examining utility customer-service operations and performing benchmarking for more than five years. Christine has nearly 20 years of consulting experience with regulated industries in these areas. She brings to Liberty strong credentials in the areas of:

  • Customer-service operations

  • Performance measurement and benchmarking

  • Best practices and performance innovation

  • Business-process re-engineering

  • Information-systems management

  • Call centers; Integrated Voice Response technology.

  • Web-based business-business and business-customer applications

  • Automated meter reading

Christine holds a bachelor of science degree in information & computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Project Highlights

Christine led the customer-services and the public and internal communications segments of Liberty’s review of the rate effects of Commonwealth Edison’s compliance with recommendations and initiatives following the highly publicized outages of the summer of 1999. Christine also led the customer-services segment of Liberty’s audit of Ameritech-Ohio policies, procedures and compliance with service quality performance requirements under Ohio’s Minimum Telephone Service Standards (MTSS).

Christine has taken a lead role in a number of other Liberty engagements for public service commissions at energy and telecommunications utilities, focusing on the areas of customer service, including sales, service and support organization, credit and collections, billing, remittance, staff support, and the information systems supporting customer service, billing, and collections. She has performed these roles in audits of Verizon operations in two states and of two major Connecticut gas distribution companies.

Christine’s has undertaken many of evaluations of workforce management, personnel planning, work scheduling and statusing, and activity reporting and costing  in a variety of engineering, operations, and customer service functions in the electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications industries. Christine has also worked directly with a number of service providers to benchmark and improve customer service performance. They include seven individual utilities and a group of more than a dozen energy distribution utilities.

Christine managed a public power association project to identify e-commerce initiatives and solutions for utilities and telecommunications firms, identifying more than 400 initiatives involving utilities and use of the Internet for business-to-business and business-to-consumer products and services. Christine designed a database making study results available on a web site designed exclusively for association member use. 

Christine has served energy utilities as a facilitator in developing customer response, collection, and other customer-service systems. She has also managed a number of focus-group, survey, and research projects designed to identify innovative products and services, determine customer expectations, examine customer reaction to macro-level changes in a restructuring industry, and assess customer perceptions of call-center performance for providers in the electric and gas utility industries.


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