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Key Personnel

John Antonuk

Robert Stright

Charles H. King

Lawrence Koppelman

Randall Vickroy

Donald T. Spangenberg, Jr.

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Robert Stright is a co-founder and principal of the firm. He leads Liberty’s extensive practice area addressing service quality and performance in the energy and telecommunications industries. He has examined for regulatory commissions and management utility construction, maintenance, and operations. He has benchmarked performance, examined processes and procedures, examined performance trends and patterns, and evaluated the root causes of latent and actual service quality degradation. He specializes in:

  • Performance Measurement

  • T&D Reliability

  • Benchmarking

  • Best Practices

  • Cost and Price Analysis

  • Affiliate Relations and Financial Transactions

  • Power Plant Management

  • Management Audits

  • Operations Performance Assessments

  • Engineering and Construction Management Evaluations

  • Regulatory Management

  • Performance Assurance

Bob holds a MBA in finance/operations research from the University of Maryland and a BS in science engineering from Northwestern University. He is a registered professional engineer.

Project Highlights

Bob served as Liberty’s project manager for engagements involving telecommunications and energy companies. These projects involved many areas including telecommunications performance metrics and performance assurance plans, electric transmission and distribution system reliability and outage investigations, and power plant outage evaluations.

Bob has managed an ongoing, multi-year evaluation of Commonwealth Edison transmission and distribution reliability for the Illinois Commerce Commission. This project included an initial assessment of the company’s practices and regular updates and field inspections thereafter. In the wake of the major Northeast blackout in August 2003, Bob managed a special review of transmission protection systems.

Bob has also managed two projects for major Southern utilities, helping them to determine where they can gain efficiency and effectiveness in their management of transmission and distribution reliability through changes in methods and practices.

Bob has managed Liberty’s telecommunications wholesale performance measures audits involving Qwest and Verizon for seventeen different states, on both a pre-and post 271 entry basis.

He has provided expert testimony in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

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